Meet my fine (but not 0.5mm fine) pencils

I’m tired of not having any posts, so here’s something completely retarded.

These are my mechanical pencils. I prefer 0.7mm because the lead is thicker and won’t break under the plowing scrawl.

From back to front

The Pentel in back is the oldest and has the most mileage. I wish I actually did know much distance it has logged. There’s only so much tic-tac-toe one can play. But anyway. It also features a convenient side-mounted lead feeder button.

Next is the Pentech. This one is like a Corvette. Unlike the Pentel, this pencil has a nice shape and feels slightly heavy. I’m routinely impressed by how frictionless and pen-like the extra weight makes it seem. However, this one has a low capacity for lead. Maybe 3 is the most it will hold at once. I’ve had to retire this pencil however because I once crammed 4 leads into it, and it jammed up the innerworks. Poor pencil. I would’ve kept you with me forever. I told you this was going to be retarded.

Finally, the Papermate is the newest addition. It doesn’t have the right weight. Its top seems to be crimped around the eraser. I wonder if they’re meant to be just thrown away. Very odd, if that’s the case. I purchased this one in a set of four. The rotary lead feeder gives an extra ergonomic flair.

Thanks for listening to me introduce the special pencils in my life.

UPDATE: My newest is a Pentech Sensor 0.7mm (not pictured). Side feed. Refillable. The eraser basket twists to feed out more eraser, which are also refillable! The only down side so far is that I often break the lead. That rarely happened with the others.

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